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Sierra (2014) with her new Mommy and buddy Puff out for a walk. Sierra (2014) and Puff having a good time. What a pair, they look fantastic together. Sierra (2014) relaxing and Puff hanging out. Sierra is just beautiful! Thank you Kara for giving Sierra a perfect home and family.
Sinbad (2014) in his new home relaxing in Fort Lauderdale, FL. What a beautiful boy! Scout (2014) look who just got to join his brother Sinbad in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Yep, I am so excited for my boys to be together again. 8.26.2012 - Update from Milo's sweet young Owner, Ms K......He is growing really fast. He has long legs. He is now potty trained and he sleeps with me at night on my bed, he can jump on the couch now and he loves to mess around with his sister Lilly (con
Milo has graduated from puppy school so now he can stay, lay down, sit, and leave it. He is the best and cuddly puppy in the world. My little Milo (aka Parker) is now living in beautiful Alaska. He has a wonderful family and has been already scheduled to attend puppy classes with his new young owner Kateri. Milo you are a doll and you are so missed. Hugs to you and your new family! Little Kacie has found a beautiful home in Illinois with children, other Cresties' and many other animals ready to play. Many thanks to this lovely family for loving Kacie. Kacie I will miss you and your funny smiling face always.
Precious Tuffy (aka Nash) had a accident on July 4, 2012. His family is deeply sadden of his loss, and my prayers are with them. God has chosen a beautiful smart little boy to be with him. Jo, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Teresa My sweet happy little Petal is living in San Antonio, TX. Petal already has young Playmates to train, or will they train her. :) This beautiful family has chosen a special little girl, we hope to see you on a visits of ours to San Antonio. July 2012 Here is Oakley with Lila in Florida after a fun swim...they are right at home in the new chair purchase for Lila and Allie. Oakley going to take this chair back home with him? June 2012
Here is beautiful little Porsche....she will be leaving here soon on her 10th week B-Day to live with her new Mommy and friends here in Texas. Porsche my love for you is strong in this short amount of time you will be with me. Oakley-My sweet boy, his new Grandma & Grandpa are coming to TX to pick him up for his new Mommy. He'll get to see Lila again, & they will travel back together so he can join his new family. Oakley has a buddy Gizmo waiting to meet him. LY Little Odessa is now a Florida sun beauty and is happy with her past liter mate Lila. Her brother Oakley is not far away and is a close member of there new families. I miss you but and will love you both forever!
My beautuful little true Hairless Laila (now Lila) lives in beautiful Florida. She has a new Mommy and Daddy, along with a very nice wardrobe started already. I miss your kisses! From Mya's new Mommy, Mya is wonderful she helps Elf off the patio and leads her around the yard (Elf has partial sight). She plays with Wiley with soft care he has cancer, she and CoCo are great friends. Mya has brought great joy to all of us. Thank you Lexie (aka Lexus) is now home with her beautiful new bestfriend Ms. Zoee. I have heard that they are inseparable!
Our beautiful Nea will be living with a wonderful family in Ohio. What a perfect family to pick Nea. Watch out AKC Show World, Nea will be one to watch out for. Hugs and Kiss to Nea and her New Family! Hi Teresa, Hawk (DOB: 10.7.2010) has turned out to be stunning. Everyone loves him. I wanted to share this picture with you so you can see how beautiful he grew up. The quality of your breeding really shines through in Hawk! Dina 12.5.2011 Molly Moo is now living with her new beautiful Mommy. Molly Moo is going to be a traveling flashy little girl; she already has a wardrobe that I am jealous of. Many hugs and kisses to you Molly, I miss and love you very much!
Razzoo "Place Best in Show" at UKC in Sepember 10, 2011. Way to go Razzoo and Barbara. Razzoo is my Kayla puppy....he has turned out to be a handson boy! Little Dude; He has adopted one of the cat beds just like the other ones have. He was very good on the plane. Slept most of the time. We gave him some choices of toys and he has tried to pull the flea into the bed. Harley weighed 12.8 lbs at the Vet the other day. Dr. Black says he is the Best Looking Crested that he has ever seen !!! (WE KNEW THAT, DIDN'T WE !!!) He stands over Bella, but she hold her own. Rene & Tom 8.31.2010
2014 - Look at my New York boys. They have their summer hair cuts and are just beautiful. Lila and Allie - November 2014 Calendar Models. Lila and Allie (2014) raised money for the St. Augustine Human Society and were the November models. Please donate by calling 904-829-2737, email: and/or visit
Little Girl in her new dress, such a beautiful girl. (2014) Breakfast with Sinbad and Juli (October 2014) Scout is such a baby, always wants to be held even when Julio is working. Sinbad and Scout both give five and smile, they are very happy brothers and are loved very much.